ZenMaries 1st grow round

You’ll definitely not want to grow more than one plant per pot. They spread out too much. 3 or 5 gallon bags should be fine. Here are my current plants in 5 gallon bags, now they aren’t autos, but sometimes autos can get very big.


Just realized you meant start-to-finish, and not multiple in the same planter. Sorry.


Really liking the Xmas decorations bro! Plants look great!

Yes autos can get very big when treated right. I’m pretty sure @OGIncognito just pulled 8 zips from one sd. @Not2SureYet and @nicky pull big numbers regularly from their autos. I try to keep up with them!


Thanks, Capt!


@Newt those are beautiful, I really like the special touch you added to them. That’s ok man, I word stuff terribly sometimes.
@Capt.Cola Although I do have nursery bags, what I meant was, should I plant the germinated seed straight into its forever home or use a different growing media until the plant has sprouted and grown some and then transplant it into the forever home? I might be getting all this info mixed up but I thought I read where you should put autos in their forever home as soon as they germinate bc they don’t transplant well.
@SilvaBack203 thanks! I will have to try them out my next go round. I didn’t see that brand suggested until after I had already purchased the FF. I will anxiously be following your journey to see how the new stuff you just started using works for you.


I don’t have pics to show you but nursery bags allow you to start the seed in it and when the plant is ready you drop the whole nursery bag into the final pot. No transplant shock because the plant stays in the nursery bag the whole time. You can check my journal. I’m sure there are pics at the beginning that show them.


So my flowering ladies didn’t get Fish shit in veg and were amazing when I transplanted. But the new girls using fish shit had same crazy amount of roots.

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I just so happen to have those bags. So do you always do it this way? I am following you now, thanks!


Sweet, I will look into buying that. I have some stuff called clonex for my cloning machine, and saw a YT video the other day of a guy using it for his doja grow and the roots on theirs were insane!


I’m cheap so I try not 2 buy so much stuff. I tried 2 get 2 clones from Halle Berry and had no success. These guys all are great at clones. I’m just great at running mad random strains at once n tey my best 2 maintain them under control and make sure they females

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Dude - I bought the ConeX, heating mat and Root Riot cubes - and I could probably have done without the cubes! Everything else I used was from around the house.
It’s not hard, it’s all about humidity and warmth. They got no roots yet so you gotta keep the air moist and warm so they can drink. The rest is just waiting!

I think the mat was maybe $15 at Amazon. The CloneX was more expensive but I can do probably 1000 clones with it! LOL!

Next time I’ll try Mother Earth in little starter cube pots like you get little seedlings in at the Lowes. I honestly think it’ll be about the same!

I did take the leftover CX from my dippin’ glass and mix it with water in the spray bottle to mist everything with a couple times a day, so extra hormones or whatever. LOL!

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I still have a few strains 2 run maybe summer time

I do. The bags are an easy way for me to gauge when the plant needs water and it drops right into the final pot as is. I usually have some roots coming out the bottom when it gets planted into the final pot.

Get rockwool cubes instead. I have grown to detest peat cubes.

Hi Zen, you are in great hands with all these great growers that have your back.

Planning for the future I hope you don’t mind if I add a few suggestions?

Trimmers-go with stainless still since the aluminum ones rust eventually.

Yellow sticky traps, mosquito bits, and some captain Jack’s dead bug for pest control - I recommend the concentrate and dilute when needed.

Rubbing alcohol for soaking sticky trimmers. Hydrogen peroxide for bud washing.

Plastic plant stakes so you can keep your strains straight.

Plant yo-yos to hold up those gigantic colas you will be growing.:grinning:

Farther ahead consider how you are going to dry and cure. Use the search function here and you will see different approaches for both.

You have a journal here, but keep paper or electronic notes about watering, nutes, trimming etc. Those will help in the future to hone your technique tighter each grow. Use the tag function on a post if you find something you want to find for future reference.

Never be afraid to ask a question. We’ve all lived through early grows and hope to save you the heartache of our mistakes.

Best to you.


I love propagating/cloning plants. I don’t know much about propping MJ, but some plants have to have oxygen in the water while propping or else they will rot. Also as with all plants, if you don’t let the part that you cut callous over before putting it in water, it will turn to mush and rot. If it is bc the water needs to be aerated then you can buy a cheap air stone for like $6 on Amazon and put it in the container you have your water in to prop it. I am just stoked that MJ can be cloned.

@Capt.Cola Well that is a genius idea and I think that is what I am gonna do. I bought those bags several months ago and haven’t used them yet, so what better time than now. Thanks for that!

@tylersays I have been using it with the clones I have going now and it really is worth the money when it comes to those. I will be cloning my MJ in the Clone King as well and will let y’all know how it goes. It is a cheap machine and could easily be a DIY thing I think…Mine hold 36 plants at a time and I can’t wait to see it full of MJ.
@Graysin I read that ppl were using some kinda cubes, but I couldn’t remember the name, it was rockwool! I am gonna look those up!
@JaneQP Thank you!! I am glad to have you joining in on my grow and would love any and all suggestions you have at any time! Awesome, I have several trimmers but I wanted to get some specifically for MJ, so I am gonna write that one down. I for sure wanna get some sticky traps and I will have to look up the yoyos. That was some great advice, Thank you, and I have added it all to my list!


@Indo_817 Here’s mine, come join us! :grin:


I’ve been trying to clone for I think 4 grows now and do not have the best of luck. I will check out the Clone King. Thanks!

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I’ve never used a clone king, but if you’re interested I can share my procedure. Since I left rockwoll and went to root riot cubes, I’ve had a 100% success rate (not that it is a huge sampling, but 6 for 6)


So we don’t clog up this journal, would you mind sharing your process here?

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