Young plants will they survive

Good evening yes my question is I received these plants from a friend of mine about 3 weeks ago and they were kind of suffering his air conditioning went out and I took him in and it was squatty not very thick trying to take care of him and see if they can come back take a look let me know what you think I appreciate it have a good day


@Thebull your fine and so is the plant lol. You’ll have them bounce back in short order!! :wink:

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Omg :scream: you might as well start writing your eulogy for her now. She is going to kick the bucket. … :joy:
I’m just teasing with you. She looks healthy to me. I’m sure she will be fine and make for a more lively and fulfilling journey. :+1:

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thank you

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Nice work Growmie, I see happy and healthy plants :love_you_gesture: