Yo, hol up. Does my 1 wk purple punch have…. A bud?

Well. I mean. It’s a WEEK OLD!!! Lmao. I don’t know how big you expect it to be. But yes. Flowering indeed.

Dude. I planted two more purple punch autos by 420 Fast Buds and I think ANOTHER ONE is starting to flower!!! Only like two weeks in!!! I will post a picture later when I turn the lights back on but COME ON!!! No more 420 Fast Buds for me. I may even be done with AUTOS all together!

May be a good call to set aside autoflowers until you feel that you’ve totally mastered the seedling → veg stage. It’s easier than people think to stress out an autoflower and trigger their flowering propensity. I don’t know anything about your growing conditions, but I’m willing to bet it’s equal parts environment and genetics.

purple punch is a bit of a faster strain to begin with from everything ive seen, ive currently got a purp punch auto goin from barneys and it started flower about 1 day shy of 3 weeks old, 71 days old today and almost all pistils are orange and receded, trichs getting cloudy

Hey! Thanks for the vote of confidence, brethren.
Have a wonderful day.

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My LSD AUTOS did the same thing. Out of 7 I planted, 2 or 3 does completely died. The others combined didn’t even get me a total of one oz. It was way less actually. None got over 5 1/2" tall. I got them because I was told they were easier to grow… Either way I got the Bruce Banner fem photos this time and they are doing great thus far… But then again my autos always looked great in the beginning but never got any bigger. I’m with @Fiz … Just keep letting it roll and hopefully it will do ok like hers did.

Thanks for the reply, dude.
I have a NY Diesel auto and a Northern Light auto that did AMAZING (in fact, they are just finishing up now) but for whatever reason the ENTIRE PACKAGE of Purple Punch autos started flowering at almost exactly the same time (approximately two weeks).
My grow setup is great, the plants I grow are great, the genetics of this purple punch from this seedbank are not.