Yellowing of lower fan leaves starting

Hey everyone. Right around 3rd week of flowering I think, using A Pot for Pot 5 gallon kit and only watered with pH’d water the whole time. ILGM Gorilla Glue Auto under Mars Hydro TSW2000. Just starting to notice yellowing of some fan leaves and a few browned spots. Seems to only be on the lower, bigger leaves right now and just started.

Any help would be very much appreciated because I have no idea what I’m doing!
Thanks in advance!


That’s natural, but also means the plant is beginning to have a nitrogen deficiency.


Thank you. Should I add any nitrogen or keep going with just water like I have been? Also should I clip them when they get really yellowed? Thanks again.

Since you’re only week 3 flower, I would suggest adding a bit of nitrogen to keep them heathy green. Also I do promote defoliation but be very mindful when doing it to ensure its 100% beneficial and gives the plant no stress. Keeps the plant healthy and tame. More light penetration and more light to bud sites.
Otherwise, your plant looks overall very nice!


Thank you very much. I do very light trimming over lower buds and have been getting rid of all the little lower stuff slowly. I’ll add a little cal
Mag next watering and go from there.