Yellowing Leaves in late veg

Currently dealing with the beginning stages of yellow leaves and it appears to be occurring on my larger plant and more at the top and middle

5 weeks in veg, 4X4 Tent with ViperSpectra KS5000 led bar light

Runoff PH 6.2
Soil PH 6.7

FF soil with 20% additional perlite
FF Grow Big and Big Bloom at 1/4 - 1/2 recommended dose
5ml Cal-Mag weekly

Watering about once every 5 days

Any suggestions would be greatly a



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In my opinion she looks hungry. I have used the trio for 3 grows now with no issues. I have always fed full strength. I just water between feedings.
Feed,water,feed, ect.
I follow the chart. For reference if you dont already have one.


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Do you think this could be a magnesium or Manganese deficiency?

If I raise the outside leaves and get to the leaves underneath they are dark green without any yellow.


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[quote=“M397, post:1, topic:105184”]
FF Grow Big and Big Bloom at 1/4 - 1/2 recommended dose
5ml Cal-Mag weekly

I agree with @4204life she looks hungry! Check the ppms of your run off probably find low numbers feed at the recommended dose 1000-1100 (500 scale)
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Good morning and appreciate the help.

Runoff PPM is 1400 and PH is 6.2


:point_up_2: very rare. I add Epsom salt to every feeding for magnesium and sulfur :love_you_gesture:

Run off PPMs look good for soil, the PH is low and slightly out of range probably preventing certain nutrient absorption, 6.3-6.8 with 6.5 being optimum for soil. You could have a salt accumulation build up in the medium driving down the PH. Feeding or watering to run off helps rinse those salts away and the helps the medium regulate the PH. At 1400 PPMs I would suggest a water only feed next time at a PH of 6.8-7.0 with run off testing :love_you_gesture:


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I’ve had some recommendations to Feed and some recommendations to water only at a PH of 6.8-7 to increase soil/runoff ph in case of nutrient lock.

Looking for tie breaker suggestions as I am due to water/feed on Sun morning. Since I have been watering every 4/5 days, I have been increasing from 1/6 suggested FF Trio feed to 1/2 as of my last Water/Feed, but I have been feeding at each water,

I have the following choices now unless other suggestions are made:

  1. Feed FF Trio at the full dosage recommended by fox farms due to a potential “hunger the plants have

  2. Water only and do not feed at this next watering and increase water PH to 6.8-7.0 to increase the runoff/soil PH in case of lock


  1. I feed/water with FF Trio at full dosage and also increase water/feed PH to 6.8-7.0 for this feeding.

Looking forward to your suggested option above or possible other option…. Putting a picture below so you see the current condition

One thing I didn’t mention, my other plants in the back side of my tent are not showing the deficiency’s that the largest is and one next to it just starting… all the same genetics, soil, feedings, etc

Sorry for all the details but hopefully it will help with my previous question

It’s a tough call. I was hoping we would get some more opinions. How are your runoff numbers on the healthy looking ones? Are they the same as the plant in question? I have the same thing as far as 3 plants from same strain, same size pots and all get fed the same. The one on front left is a lot lighter, the one on the right is dark green. Almost waxy like too much nitrogen.
Ignore the freakshow in the back. Lol

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The runoff ppm numbers, and PH numbers on all the plants are literally the same. …. Between 1300-1400 and PH runoff 6.15 - 6.25. I check soil PH and it was 6.7 in the lighter yellow plant.

I didn’t note previously, but I am using bottled spring water since germination and ph of the water before adjustment is 6.8-7.0 with literally no PPM ~100 before adding any nutes. I drop PH to 6.5 after mixing nutes and before watering.

Today, the leaves are pointing up on the plant with the worse yellowing… is this good or bad, a picture below….

One last thing, the leaves turning yellow with green veins only appear on the outside of the plant, if I look at the shades leaves they look dark green…… could it be the light? The plant is about 30” from the light and it’s at 75% intensity ( Viperspectra KS5000 ~ 500 watt bar led light)

Based on the suggestions from the forum, I fed my plants 3 days ago well with a full recommended dose from ff trio, and also added epsom salt and PH’ at 6.75.

Runoff was still 6.2 and PPMs about 1700. The plants do not appear to be yellowing more, but some of the leaves on the worst plant look like the pictures below.

I planned on only adding ph’d water with epsom salts on my next watering on Wed,… or should I fed again. Any further thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated…

Agree with this and suggest going in at a higher PH. 6.2 is slightly out of range. Go in at 6.8-7.0 to get that PH back in range of 6.3-6.8 with 6.5 being optimum. Feed once the PPMs drop below 1000 :love_you_gesture:

I was planning on scroging and putting this plant into flower next week, do you agree it should be ok, or do I need to give the plant more time to correct?

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I would fix the issue before initiating flower Growmie :love_you_gesture:

A good number of fan leaves near the top of my plant have progressed from yellowing with green veins, to spotting brown areas. This problem appears only on the top 1/3 of the plant.

I assume these leaves will not improve, should I remove, or leave on to progress? I did a watering last night with only epsom salts and ph’d to 6.95 due to the previous 6.15 run off. Any ideas on if the leaves should stay or go, would be appreciated… Is the plant ok to Scrog?

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