Yellow tips, some help?

A question from a fellow grower:

So since this is your strain who better to ask, the yellow in the tips
Is that because the lights are too close or something worse ?

Looks to be the start of nut burn. Back off the nutrients and see if that helps.
Mean while you should fill out there support ticket. This can be found in the beginner FAQ.
Hope this helps

B Safe

Ph should be at 5.8-6.0 and about 2.5 - 5 ml of grow , less is better unless the plant tells you otherwise , but no more than 10ml per gallon .

Molasses or cal-mag can also help , but a support ticket will give a more better detail of what you added and how to fix it before it gets to far out of control.

What strain is it? Looks OK, but what are you really asking?