Yellow tips issue

Hey guys I’m currently in week 4 and this is my Zkittlez auto. Are these small yellow tips normal? I only have em on the top of the plant. I have just been watering and growing in FFHF/FFOF. Maybe light issue? Light is about 18in away

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Raise it to 24 inches and see how it does.


Agree with deepsix, looks like heat stress


Thanks I just did that now hopefully they are alright.

I was gonna actually ask you this a few days ago but I was to high and forgot lol but I know you mentioned you feed twice a week but in every 3 days or it just depends how hungry the ladies are lol?

Thank you!! I just raised it up I hope things turn out ok

I am growing the zkittles too. mine did that. It was more like the tip was twisted on new growth. and the bottom of leaf was up appearing yellow or stressed. as the leaf grew it straightened out and seemed to be fine. later I got some taco’ing of the leaves. I ignored that too. it is almost ready to harvest leaves are yellowing. the buds are so sticky like fly paper.

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Yeah that got me really worried. I ended raising the lights and things seems smooth now. What’s “taco-ing”? Lol

Would love to see a picture of your Zkittlez if you don’t mind.

Here are some pics.
I have a very small grow space so I use 2 gal pot with dirt to keep them small.
Zkittlez is heavy indica so it is small to begin with. this is only my second grow so you don’t want to really follow my advice too much. this plant has had twisted tips/burnt tips/yellow leaves/ spots / taco’ing of leaves. over and under watered/over and under on nutes/ neglected i do try to always make sure ph is 6.5 when i water/feed. It is 16" tall with probbally 2 0z of sticky bud. almost ready to harvest. its 65 days old from when the seed emerged from dirt. if i had bigger space and pot and more light and fed it perfectly, i am sure you could get 2-3 times the yield. its a hardy little plant if i can grow it.


Wow this is great to know, Its my first time doing it so i had already made some mistake but quick to fix it. If i can have mines look (and yield) half as good as yours ill be complete satisfied lol.

1st grow is so stressful. it’s like time stands still. and you over manage. most newbs over water. i still do. you will freak out over a yellow leaf or spots. you will never fix the yellow leaf. it is yellow forever. focus on the new growth and that no MORE leaves turn yellow or spot for your indication that you have corrected the problem. my second grow is so much easier because now i don’t care. who cares how yellow or spotted as long as i get smoke. 4 oz’s last me all year and i have 3 from my first grow so i am so chill on the second gow. Watch BILL WARD on you tube he will help you chill on what you are doing. this is good to have a link to… Cannabis Symptom Checker - Identify Cannabis Leaf Problems
i think a decent light and the right ph when you water is key to success. remember this only my second grow…my posts are for entertainment. follow my advise at you own risk. lol

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Thanks for the link Ill definetly be looking at that now on! This is how mines are looking, I think they are aright and at exactly 4 weeks today. Hopefully it stays healthy all the way

p.s I need to work on my LST and stop being lazy with it LMfAO


They look great!!!
Do you have any girl hair yet?

Yess! I actually do see some white pistils coming out of a few branches. Pre flowering maybe?

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