Yellow tip on new leaves

Is there any problem here? please see pictures.

Strain : Super skunk (seeds)
EC : 1.3
PH 6.0
Cal-mag 20ml per 5 gals

What kind of nutrients are you using? 1.3 should not be too strong for healthy looking plants. Are you sure you needed the CalMag? Sometimes the nutrients themselves have enough.:slight_smile: Let me know. Peace

I use Maxigrow for veg and maxibloom for flower. I don’t know if I need cal-mag… I just use it
so you think sign of too much nutrient?

Looks a little like “nitrogen narcosis”

Mine did that because I used miracle grow for acid loving plants and that added to much nitrogen. Once I flushed and stopped using the miracle grow, the new growth had no more problems.

Thank you