Yellow strips on all leaves

I am growing this SSH(f) from Greenhouse seeds. The plant has been showing theses strips from the get go. Have added cal/mag Iron solution and epsom salt (foiler feed, and soil drench).
Have been watering with pH of or adjusted to between 6.2 and 6.5 rain barrel sourced water. I have also added worm castings and alfalfa as a top dress.
Any advice thoughts would been welcomed.
Thank you

Looks like Mag Def

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I vote an early potassium deficiency based on the last pic. She shouldn’t need much potassium at this point though.


That is on reason I have not looked in that direction. Still in veg about 7 weeks I believe. I do have some fish bone meal. Have also had good results mining the fireplace for some wood ash. I will slowly start increasing Potash inputs,
Just crazy has been from the start pretty much.
I di have a ossue with the tap rood growing out of the soil the first couple of days has not seemed to curb the growth. Just the apperence of decency,
Thank you for the replay

like @MidwestGuy said

I’m leaning towards a magnesium deficiency :love_you_gesture:

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