Yellow plants, need help!

Hey everyone, I’m new to growing and am having some yellowing issues. I’m not sure exactly what’s causing it, but plants are predominantly yellow. Any ideas?

your in flowering so its not N some other problem PH maybe is your heat and humidity ok maybe ILGM member may be able to give you a good answer :sunglasses:

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What is ph do you water feeding regularly. It looks to be a ph problem maybe… check your run off…

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Either it’s a pH problem or your over watering…


For the ph, I was told it should be between 5.5 and 6.5, haven’t tested the run off. There typically isn’t much run off and the pots are on the ground so it’s tough to accumulate it.

I don’t think it’s over watering. I water every other day and the top of the soil is always dry before I water. The temp in the grow ranges between 70-78 and humidity is in the 35-40% range.


First I would like to Welcome Youo…ILGM.
Here is a pic of what i m sure it is.

Nitrogen Deficiency

Solution to fixing a Nitrogen deficiency

Avoid excessive ammonium nitrogen, which can interfere with other nutrients. Too much N delays flowering. Plants should be allowed to become N-deficient late in flowering for best flavor.
A goof solid N-P-K ratio will fix any nitrogen deficiency. Any chemical or organic fertilizers that have Nitrogen in them will fix a nitrogen deficiency., Peters all purpose plant food 20-20-20 is good, Miracle grow All purpose plant food, Miracle grow Tomato plant food, (Only mixing at ½ strength when using chemical nutrients, or it will cause nutrient burn!) as well and blood meal! If you need to give your plants a quick solution to nitrogen and you want to use blood meal, I suggest making it into a tea for faster use, where blood meal is slow acting, but when made into a tea it works quicker! Other sources of nitrogen are dried blood, Cotton seed meal which is slow acting, Insect eating bat guano which is fast acting. Bone meal which is a gradual absorption when not made into a tea.( also excellent source of phosphorus). Fish Meal Or Fish Emulsion is a good source of nitrogen and is medium acting. Worm castings, which is gradual absorption. Seabird guano, All purpose Millennia Seabird guano, Orginal Seabird guano All Purpose, Crabshell ,which is slow absorption. Fox Farm Grow Big, which is fast acting. ( can bring down your ph as well)
Here are a list of things that help fix a Nitrogen Deficiency

Hope this helps



its a level in your water and soil 7 is neutral on the PH scale below is more acidic and above is more alkaline get you a meter to check your levels in water and soil hope this helps your girls like it around 6 happy growing :sunglasses:

This is what i use to check my pot soil balance.


Perfect, thanks guys. I appreciate it!


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Testing runoff is SO important! You should definitely get a pH meter, not one of those soil probes because they’re junk. It will help you and the plants tremendously! :v:

Yellowing in the lower of the plant is caused from low nitrogen, in the middle of the plant it’s likely caused from phosphorus and potassium, and if it’s at the top of the plant it’s zinc and iron.

If it’s lower, middle, and top of pant your deficient in N-P-K plus zinc and iron, they’ll need to be fed other wise it will spiral out of control, and can be a pain to bring back once far enough. Having all those deficiencies can and will throw off your ph and before you know it you have your hands full of problems.

As for soil ph, it should be between 6.3-6.9 a stable balance for soil is 6.5-6.6 for your ph. They are all things to consider but the real question is where is the yellowing at, depending on where it’s at I answered what’s wrong.

Happy growings, good luck

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I have the same one here. I test soil every weekend… Had good luck so far

Ph meter. Distilled water. Let sit to ph stops going down. Then balance it up most of the time. I fulxuate balance

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Unfortunately the yellowing in throughout most of the plants. We have a few different strains so I’m guessing some of them require slightly different nutrients.

Thank you for all of your help!


Yes different plants and strains react different to nutrients, some take more done take less, more isn’t always better but I’m that case id guess they need more.

Slightly increase by 1/4 tsp and it should help out a difference in it, my pleasure that’s what I’m here for

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How well do you know the floragro brand of nutrients? Do they contain they contain the specific items that seem to be falling short?

There are a few types of might that do this to plants. Cant see them with out a microscope… you might want to look us some stuff. Some ive used for outdoor grows. PFR 97. I think you might have a mite infestation. There are tons of types of mits. Hope tis help.

Doubtful it’s mites, over I bet ph or nutrient deficiency

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Quite familiar with them and the micro and bloom should

Thanks again guys… I’ve seen mites before in other grows, but there is no sign of the mites or the webs they create. I’ll keep an eye out for them though. I’ll also check out the floragro ingredients to see if they contain the nutrients that my girls are lacking.

Much appreciated,


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