Yellow new growth and tips

I’m in veg. Organic grow in Earthbox. I’m seeing yellowing on new growth and tips. I’m thinking it’s a deficiency, but not sure which? I need to flip to flower right away too as they getting too big . Please I have 4-4-4 , 2-10-5, and pro cal organic amendments. Build a flower and some chemical nutes for pure N P or K if needed
Please help me get healthy n to flower asap


Pics or it didn’t happen. :slight_smile:

Man you’re fast!Was just adding them lol.

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Plant looks good. You should expect that new growth will be a lighter shade of green. It will take a few days for the leaves to mature and fill in with Chlorophyll, which will darken the leaves.


The new growth being lighter is o.k. like @MidwestGuy said. I see what you mean by the very tips turning yellow. Usually an indicator of light too intense, root ph is too high or low (do a soil slurry test), or too much water.

The inter-vein chlorosis can also be an indicator of Magnesium deficiency where Epsom Salts can help.

I’d start at the soil ph first so you aren’t chasing problems that cannot be fixed until the soil ph is correct.


They did stretch a little fast and was maybe just under a foot from light so that just might be it. It’s organic soil so ph really shouldn’t be a problem


They look great! Flip away! If you have any questions regarding organics myself and many others are here will help!!

Maybe back the light up a touch so during stretch they don’t grow right into it, I know the way organic soil can make a plant grow :wink::wink:

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Also, if you plan to reuse the soil for the next run I !highly! Suggest sending the soil off for analysis to determine what was used and what needs to be amended.

Make sure you’re using RO water and don’t ph it. Never ph RO water and never put your ph pen in RO water even blue labs user manual tells you that it will cause damage.


I just read your post on not Ph’ing your water. is that just in organic grows ? I’m in happy frog using Jacks My ro water tests at 8.3 i have to ph.


That’s a great question!! Have you tested the PPM of your RO water?

Ph meters have a very hard time getting an accurate reading on the ph of pure water 0ppm.

Science tells us pure water has a ph of 7,
RO water loves to pull co2 out of the atmosphere and hold it within which can affect the reading which would be much lower! About 5.5. This is why when you bubble water the ph changes.

But a water with 0ppm will have no makeup and will take the makeup of the soil it is added into.

Granted this is if the soil ph is where it should be and not watered to runoff.
If watered to run off you are adding nothing and leaving with something which will change the chemistry of the soil.

With that being said I don’t see any reason you couldn’t. But remember, with synthetics you need to rid the soil of salts so you must water to runoff which will play a factor in soil ph.

I hope this helped! If you have any questions at all don’t hesitate!

I already do reuse soil. But since it’s in an Earthbox, idk how you’d test the soil??. It gonna be way different bottom to top, since amendments only on top inch of soil. I don’t see how you could scoop it to get overal test ?

I can really appreciate the way you think!! Amazing!

The top layer is going to be where all the goods are and that’s what matters . Take a sample after everything is broken down before the next topdressing. Plus that will be where all the feeder roots are going to be.

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Do you have any pictures? I’d love to see some of your grows! Love seeing organics!

@Odaharry what are you topdressing with? Are you recharging before you reuse?


I use a variety of amendments. Build a flower and build s bloom, a 4-4-4 by dish to earth , ground up sprouted seeds, aminos , kelp, and worm castings maybe something extra here and there like pro cal, Dolomites lime and calcium magnesium sulfur rocks.,Not sure what you mean by recharge?

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Just for you


Speaking of autos, you ever grow pink kush? It’s cbd auto n I love it. Needs to grow more!


Thats what i meant lol

@Odaharry no sir I have not but it sounds like I need to! I really enjoy high Cbd strains!

I need to jump on that bandwagon once to see if i like it…