Yellow leaves worrying me

Yellow leaves on older leaves. Outdoor plant that was given to me when about 15 inches high. Growing in regular dirt and sand in a gallon pot. Don’t have info on strain. About a month ago I transferred to a 12 gallon pot with Happy Frog. Growing outdoors in the woods. Direct sunlight most of the day. Fighting bugs like snails, grasshoppers, moths and pulled a worm off yesterday. Tied down stems to open up plant and give more light. New leaves look good but concerned about yellow leaves. Fertilized a week ago with diluted Grow Big and Big bloom. Temps in the low 90s with high humidity but no sign of drooping and using a meter to determine the wet or dryness of soil
Yellow leaves concern me. Is this a nutritional deficiency? First time grower and struggling. Any advice greatly appreciated

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If your not in flower I’d say you have an issue but I don’t know what it is the pros will chime in soon

It’s normal for the lower leaves to yellow and eventually fall off as the plant matures.


Like @MidwestGuy :point_up_2: said, Maturity. Nitrogen deficiency.

Jack’s dead bug spray can be used right up to harvest. Can you get a plant net for her?