Yellow dots

Hey guys it’s been the first time that I grow, and I chose indoor style, I have two plants "iced window ", the one is nice with nice buds but the other one is a bit curly, I see at many leafs yellow dots,and at the central bud ( the big one) 2-3 leafs are turning yellow from the tip and goes further inside if anyone can tell me how I can upload a foto to help understand my problem please

Can you get us an image, and please find and fill out a support ticket? You will find it as a “sticky” in the grow area. Thanks. :slight_smile:

support ticket? I’m new to this support community could you please instruct me to fill this support ticket?
I will send pictures today
thanks for your time

hey jx, from the looks of things you might need an image hosting service. At least thats what it appears to be. I am not sure if they host them on site, there are plenty out there on the web. I have unlimmited space on my server if you need? Anyways, once you have an image uploaded, look right above the code button at the top of the text editor you use to post, click the image button, put the link to your image and your done. Check on the web for fliker or 500px upload to there grab that images string and use it.
Of course it is free… me

get back with me if you need a place to host, I can make you your own unlimited folder if you like.
Of course if they host here no need for me, I just lurk around here and play like a wanna be mod, but no one pays attention to me so I remain religated to the seedy under belly of a foreign pot lobby…
spending my night looking for roaches on the lobby floor…

hey, I didn’t know they sold iced widow seeds here? Or is that just your cutsy name for your girls…
sounds like a potent mix of genetics you got going on there

We are building an up to date forum that will allow uploading of images, :slight_smile:

There was a recent issue that is causing issues with our community. All will be rersolved when new forum, community is built.

Here you go. We had this as a sticky before we had a hosting issue last month. I have posted a new “Support Ticket” at he top of the forums. Here is a link.

Sorry for any inconvenience :slight_smile:

there was a fellow looking to post pictures, you never told him if your site host img or if one needs to go with an external host. Just some jumbo about alllowing in the future…

I am here to help build this forum, if you don’t want the help then you need to track back and remove content that has Robert talking about it…

I have a few names that I could drop in support of what I am saying but I thought I would wait and see if your head talks to your feet?

It is all here knowledge, personality and alll the time in the world to answer within seconds of their post. I also have extensive web skills and server space to help people.

My article on lighting is at around 2600 word count right now and I thought I would pretty it up and get it in. I was going to use my server to host the few graphics it contains.

Attn: Web Master, what format you want it in?

Pictures are post-able right here on the website, it was broke but now it’s fixed.

maybe some one should have told that guy that the other day when he needed too, If you read, I have my own method

my bad, if you would have read

at the least answer the ? where is the picture upload for this site

who host them?

at the least where is this upload? what if I was blind, would you tell me then?

well… OK, I am blind. Where is it?
don’t tell me in the text editor, that one will not help me with the images sitting on my desktop

Sorry guys for the late responses
1st.I bought them from the attitude seed bank man, white whindow x ice it’s a sativa plant with more thc at the leafs
2nd I grow them indoor there are 2 plants under a 250w hps lamp with vendilation
3rd i don’t have dehumidifier , or other tools (because i don’t know how) for measuring other facts neither this nitrogen think (applification in the grow room )
4th i planted them october 19th and harvest day 21th of february
5th I’m not very satisfied from the grop althought it’m my first time and i did some huge mistakes like i made 3 or 4 times transplant to biger tubs and my thouht about this is that i stressed the plants and i had low tempratures at the room and inside the grow room(only when the lamp was off of course)
6th I did grow them with my cousin and one day that i went to check them i saw a terrible think, He (my cousin) choped almost all the leafs from top to bottom (yes i told him how stupid was that because this way reduces the intake of the nutrients, etc. from the photosinthesis and is result the plant produce fewer thc i think ) if something is wrong please correct me and please i will apriciate to state with simple words (i am greek and i don’t get to understant many things or how they work and how to do them AND sorry for my bad english :stuck_out_tongue: )

I promise tommorow the first think in the morning is to upload the fhotos

No worries. You write better English than many of my fellows here in the USA do when they ask questions on this forum, lol.

We are working on getting the regular direct ability to post photos on the site fully up and running as soon as possible. In the mean time the web-link text editor has been working for some people and having the photos hosted externally.