Yellow dots on leaves - help!

I noticed tiny yellow dots on my leaves this morning. I believe the plant is a Super Silver Haze. The little white spots are the DE I dusted the plant with. I checked the forum looking for other topics likes this and it seems it could either be a fungus or not enough nitrogen in the soil.

Any ideas??

Also, if it’s a fungus, can I use a Fungicide spray on the leaves? It’s very hot (90’s here) and humid. I do have fertilizer with a high nitrogen content I can add. I was hesitant to add more nutes as the soil came with some timed-release stuff in it. I’ve been very careful not to over-water them.

Any help would be great!

PS … I forgot to say that the plant(s) are outside in big pots and get full sun from 11:00 a.m. to nightfall.

Looks like LEAF Septoria or yellow Leaf spot to me but I’m kinda new here.
There is a guide here under guides Hope that helps a little.

Thanks Tom … that’s what I thought too.

Is it okay to spray the leaves with a fungicide?

PS … I sprayed the leaves with a garden safe fungicide. I hope that does the trick. Also pulled a little white worm off that was chewing on the leaves.

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Let us know. Have you checked the underside of the leaves for pests? Also; How long since you planted in this time release potting soil (Not a great idea)? If you have used this soil and just watered it and not added nutrients yet, and are 4-8 weeks into veg…I would give them nutrients.

I would be careful adding a high Nitrogen fertilizer; I would recommend a balanced formula.

I also advise you to only do one thing at a time. You already sprayed, and that should not hurt you, but if the plant is nutrient deficient; You need to start a good nutrient regimen. Next time; Do Not get time release soil :slight_smile: Peace

Yeah … I blew it with the soil. The plants are about 46 days old, so I will start fertilizing next time I water. The fertilizer is 18-18-21, so I think it will be okay.
I check under the leaves everyday … had some spider mites last week and dusted with DE, which got rid of them.
It rained today so I won’t be able to put the nutes on them for a few days. I’m using the Miracle grow plant food for tomatoes … it worked pretty good last year.
Thanks a bunch for your help. I’ll take some pics in a few days and let you see how they’re doing.
You’ve been great Latewood … thanks again for the help.

UPDATE - Latewood, I took your advice and fertilized the girls today. I followed the directions on the box, but only used half strength this time. Hoping this helps.

Your issue sounds and Looks just like mine. Yes, it’s Septorea as someone else commented. I sprayed with a half strength neem oil spray, and had to go out of town. Doing some research I find that mixing a spray with baking soda (1 tsp/quart - 1 Tbs/gal) would be an effective treatment. Also, cut off the infected leaves or it will spread to the rest of the plant.
I haven’t found any info as to weather to not this will infect the buds. It’s flowering time and I’m praying they don’t get infected…
I will try and follow up and report on the neem oil application. And, I may treat with the baking soda as well. Two days away from home and I feel like I left my children behind without a baby sitter…

Is it the same issue here? I am in growing indoors. It is brand new as you see I don’t know how a fungus could’ve attacked it this early.

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I don’t believe you have a fungus issue. Are you checking ph and ppm of your nutrient solution? Also wondering if you have an air gap from stem of your plant to top of your solution and running the circulating pump all the time or using an air stone?

I also see no evidence of a fungus. Ar you are referring to coloration of the new growth? It is normal and will fill in with a darker green as the plant grows.

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For newer growers with similar issues in their grow:
This looks to be some sort of leaf septoria on marijuana plants.

Leaf septoria, also known as yellow leaf spot, is a fungal disease that affects marijuana plants. It is caused by two specific fungi: Septoria cannabis and S. neocannabina.

Is that what that is? Mine has the same thing and I swear I’m so close to just grabbing my crop defender 3…but last time I used it on another MJ plant and it killed it for some reason and this is the spray bottle they say is “ready to use”. Ugh. But yeah one of my MJ plants has the same dots.