WWA Massachusetts

So I’ll be trying to grow WWA outdoors in a few days in fabric pots, I’m new to growing anything. I’ve read some posts about bud rot up here in Boston. Any info on how i can avoid this? I’m in Boston, Revere. I already ordered 20 seeds growing inside not an option for me. Growing white widow autoflower. Help!

I have grown several WW. I believe them to be pretty resilient. Haven’t grown outside, but would imagine they will do well. Maybe put where they can get good air flow.
Good luck, and let us know how you do.

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Im going to have them up in a second floor balcony. I also have a chlorinated pool hopefully that won’t affect them.

IMO, the WWa’s from here are very resilient plants. I’m drying two plants that I just finished outdoors started 2/11 finished 5/15. I kinda had the opposite problem as you (live in AZ/very dry conditions), but from everything I’ve experienced with the white widow seeds from here they are fighters!

Here’s one of my WW autos right before I chopped her and sent her to the drying tent:

She fought through temps varying from 45 degrees in March to recent bouts with 100 degree temps in May. Good luck with your grow.


@Izzy617x I was wondering that too! I also live in mass and I’m about to put out 4 ww FEMs and 5 girl scout cookies autos in my garden. Being outside idk if we could do anything about humidity but hopefully someone with some knowledge will help out with this question. I’ll be following this thread incase.

@Oheeeoh That’s outstanding! I’m in the desert in Az also. I have a couple WW CBD autos that broke ground April 18. They are just getting ready to bust out - showing some pre-flower stuff now. They’ve been outside (though shaded in the afternoons, get full sun until about 11:00 am each day). I have a feeling they may be stunted - don’t seem as big and healthy as many I see - no symptoms otherwise - but they are plugging along. I’d be THRILLED if they turned out like your plant, but I am worried some about the stretch of 110 degree days that we get late June. Hoping against hope that they’ll be harvested by then. Well done.

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Nice, we should keep in touch bro.

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Wow :clap::open_mouth: how much did you yield? @Oheeeoh

It’s not a very big plant. I haven’t weighed it yet it’s still got a day or threes drying left. If I had to guess I’m going with about 2ozs

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