WWA late finishing

This WWA from ILGM is some where about 11 or 12 weeks flower. I thought she might be farther along but i took 2 weeks off for transition time. I need to get her going cause i need the grow space for others. But she just doesnt seem to want to get frosty. Trics are still scarse and clear even after a week of 14 off 10 on. I tried an ice treatment and split stem. I wonder what else is there that can maybe speed her along? And it seems very long.


@Phoneman Don’t worry as she still needs time to mature. Her pistols are still white. You want them to be orange/brown then start looking at the trichromes.

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Do you think her being root bound is slowing her up?

As small as that pot is that is a good possibility. Outside that, she looks damn good considering the pot size you have her in.

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Yeah its a 3 g pot. She had 2 sisters planted the same time they finished up weeks ago. This one got huge for some reason.

This was part of the roots I had on my 60” tall GSC Beast. I had her in a 5 gallon bucket with about 3/4 of the bucket of soil.

When I pulled her out, the roots had completely filled it up.

Yep mine is probably even more dense. I just hope she can finish.

She can finish if you give her time. I don’t like the couch lock effect so when I pull a plant, they don’t have a lot of brown trichromes.

I pulled my GSC Beast early and I’m glad I did as she is potent.

Here is something you can try. Find a small popcorn bud at the bottom then pick it. Then nuke it in a microwave for 1 minute on high. Then smoke it and see how you feel. This was info I found in n this forum.

I can say it works just fine and will let you know how she is coming along.

Yeah… I already have done that which is my reason for concern. Not much thc yet.

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Not a surprise with the pistils being white. My GSC took 3 months to finally flower and I just pulled her early as she was taking most of the grow tent to herself.

Probably the easiest way to boost trichomes is to reduce the RH down as low as possible. I have a fairly large dehumidifier and it’s in the tent to drive down the RH the final couple of weeks.

FYI there are many times plants refuse to go amber and remain cloudy. That is fully mature. You can increase ‘couch lock’ by putting in a frost free freezer for 6 months.


What do these numbers mean? I added tsp of molases to watering this morning. Ph water in at 6.3 runoff was at 6.2. Ppm in was 190 runoff was at 1650. I have

a small dehumidifier in the tent rh avgs about 50%. Todays pics and the new WWA’s ready to get in the big side of the tent. I need the big girl to hurry up. Imean seriously is this normal? I looked at when she poped up and its been 124 days.

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Every auto is different. That’s the problem with them (not much regularity you can count on).


I have done a couple of WWA grows the shortest time has been 16 weeks the one plant left from the 2nd grow is just starting to finishing up, 20 weeks, flushing her now.

Is that 20 weeks flower?

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this particular plant been flowering for 16 weeks started flowering the same time as her sisters. Just a lot slower The sisters are ready for curing. This girl will be chopped this week or next.

There’s no way this plant has been flowering for 16 weeks…
Plant still needs 6 more week’s of flowering… :thinking:
Please do more research… :+1::wink:

What’s your light schedule… ?
Even with an auto , you will only need 9 to 16 weeks of flowering at 12/12 …
If your trying to push more photosynthesis with an extended light cycle , not going to happen…
More tricks too learn my friend…
More reading on plant biology… :+1::wink:
Hate me now , love me later… :thinking::smirk::grin:

You will find many people have experienced the long-flowering ILGM White Widow auto strain on this site. My first one went 20 weeks!

Latest pics…she is now in her 12 week of flower after some recalculating of the timeline i had. Im giving her bloom nutes and am patiently waiting for her to show some sign of amber.

And the new girls Thelma and Louise.