WW plants look different

From a fellow grower: The single seed I received before the back order grew extremely similar to the previous grows of WW I have done but the other 5 are totally different. I have grown WW for years so I have little experience growing and recognizing other types of plants but am familiar with WW.

Type (fem/auto/reg): Feminized

•Climate (indoor/outdoor): Indoor, controlled environment

•Medium (soil/hydro/details): Super soil made by me, 10 Gal. pot/plant

•pH of runoff or solution in reservoir: Usually around 6.2 but I keep it between 6 to 6.5. My water is a bit Base and my ferts usually bump it up to perfect 6.0 to 6.2 ph.

•Nutrient mix strength (EC/TDS): No set feeding, I feed by how the plants look and use garden chemicals that I already have. I tend to not run my plants too hot on N

•Light type & schedule: 600W HPS:Grow 18/6, 400W MH flower 12/12, Currently at 10/14 and 200W MH hoping to finish some day!!

•Temperatures day & night: Growth:75/80 F, Flower 70, currently at 68 trying to coax it a bit with the low light.

•Humidity day & night: Grow: 50% Flower:45%

•Ventilation: Great Air Movement but currently it is 5 deg. F out so external air is only for the lighting. 800 Cubic Foot Space. Summer time gets fresh air constantly.

•AC: During summer but goes off in October due to cold temps.

•Humidifier: None, always have too much humidity, especially in growth. I suck up 2 gal./day easy during growth but that is way down now to more like ½ gal/day if that.

•De-humidifier: As Needed, currently in use due to cold exterior temps.

•Co2: None

Seedling – 2 weeks June 1 to June 15th

Growth – 4 weeks June 16th to July 15th.

Transition to flower July 16th to Aug 1st

Single seed finished October 15th – Very white and full, super sticky. Exactly what I expected. Could have plucked at 9 weeks! Sorry, she got chopped without a photo shoot so no pic.

Other plants – Still going, currently in harvest window.

600W MH X 2 - Growth, pre flower to late flower / 2 plants 78 deg F

400W HPS X 2 - Final flower / 2 plants final few weeks 70 deg F (still at this level for the hold outs)

Now, the other 3. The 2 I gave away got tossed due to poor performance so only my 3 remained.

When the single WW finished the final three looked kinda sad. Very healthy plants but nothing like the WW I plucked. Node spacing was 3X of the single WW and buds were below average. Now here we are 5 weeks past the single WW harvest and the other 2 (one got axed due to space) are finally doing something. 14 weeks into flower they may actually turn out to be something but I have no idea what I have. Not much of a buzz at this point but I think they still need another week or so plus cure so I will reserve comment until such time.Node spacing was large and despite heavy training they wanted to be tall. I did try to smoke one when I pulled the WW but it was all clear and no buzz

Has anyone else experienced an 18+ week finish on WW? Nine weeks is normal for me??? I am quite sure that I did not receive what I expected but it would sure be nice to know what I have. So far the buzz has been minimal but as I move into the harvest window I hope for improvement. The plants remains healthy although they are hurting for food as shown in the leafs. In reality, this has turned into a 7 month grow which is not ideal in Massachusetts where I grow. AC is off and now I have heat on and had to add dehumidification with no AC. I grow very little as I only use it for pain at night so having a fail can really hurt. Not a fail yet unless you consider time.


I’ve had some WW go 13 weeks but never 18.
Those are some great looking plants!

The reason they are different is because every seed that comes from a mother has slightly different genetics. people often mistake this for the word phenotype but that’s not what a phenotype is a phenotype is the way the environment brings out the strain. If you would like to avoid this use clowns. The reason it happens is the same reason that you don’t look exactly like your brother and sister. When two parents get together Geans get mixed up.

I had one WW auto I named Stubborn Stacy went 22 weeks.


Long time to wait for Stacey. Hope she was worth it :joy:

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She was. I even left her out in 20° weather several days. She just chugged along like nothing phased her.

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The resilience on some genetics is astounding hey

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Growing WW, 4 weeks along using Pot for a pot. I checked the PH today, registers low about a 2 or 3. would like it to be about 6 or so, any suggestions?

Welcome @Cya , welcome aboard. Your posting probably got missed tacking it on to this thread, but I understand how frustrating it is for new members figuring out how to make their first post. The “new topic” button doesn’t seem to show up until you’ve been looking for a few hours.

A couple questions, how exactly did you measure your pH, and what do your plants look like? Is there anything wrong with them, or did you read that pH should be above 6 so you are trying to obtain that goal?