WW Auto 3rd times a charm? High desert outdoor off grid

What’s happenin ILGM? I started on time!
3rd year of trying. Just ran out of smoke last week. Lasted me from harvest to April. Not bad!

This year I have only ILGM seeds in the form of WW auto. If I can play my cards right I may get 2 batches.
The first year I plain sucked and was very out of my league.
Second year I was months late due to some ILGM customs issues.
This year I got this! Seeds are sprouting and have true leaves, just waiting on frost to pass. I have a great feelin this time round.


I also am on attempt 4 third year and is working out great I’ll be watching good luck!!!

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Are you in the US?

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Yep I am in Nevadan high desert.


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Nice, quite a contrast between the 2 states!

Good luck, look forward to your grows.

I’ve got white widow autos going right now. Hope to harvest in June.


Thats roughly when im shooting for as far as harvest. I’ve got 2 wwa’s going. Good luck on the grow :metal:

Ya high humidity here I got the 10 plus 10 deal on the wwa going get them started as soon as my current plants done started week 8 flower today not sure how much longer but i dont like waiting

@Jarnkat and @Countryboyjvd1971

Do either of you know why my post was flagged and hidden?


Have no idea that’s crazy

This is my 1st try at it. With the Mugfa hydro system
18 days in from seed. And they are lively

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:+1: Great start…

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