Wtf First time fimming

Wow i hope i did not destroy my girls. First time fimming i used a you tuber as guide and still hacked my girls pretty bad. Might as well used a chainsaw how i cut my girls. Please tell me they will recover. Or is it ok i cutt to far down.


Looks like more of a topping than a FIM. She should be fine.


I always do a FIM but half the time turns out I topped it haha.


No harm done. At best you’ve succeeded. At worst you topped it and will just get two tops. Either way, no harm and if you didn’t get as many tops as you were hoping for just top it again

All of the posters have you covered. No harm no foul. happy growing :rofl: :bat:

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I really appreciate the help and love that the people have in this forum its amazing. Next time when im fimming i might do better if i close my eyes.


Going to fimm next three girls hopefully i dont cutt down to the roots :grin:


Looking good , when doing a Fim try to snip 80% of the last growth. Good luck

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Thanks will do.

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Ive tried fimming and ended up being topped and ive tried where it just cut the leaves. Urs actually looks like something to me. @Nicky whatcha thing

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Thanks for being nice but you can laugh mark :grin:

It will probably end up perfect !!


I recently attempted fim’s on two plants and missed on both now you can’t even tell at the top but the plants did get a little bushyer down below.
I did another one yesterday on another plant we’ll see how it goes.

True Fim!!!

You missed!!! Lol

All will be good!

I know right hopefully it works in my favor. If not its a learning experience that will benefit me down the line.

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To short it’s a top.


Awesome will have this illustration near me when i perform my next root canal i mean fim. Thanks :grin: