WPM or Trichomes?

This my 1st grow and I’m finding it difficult to fully distinguish the two.

Using a cheap Jewelers Loupe, it looks like they are mostly mushroom head trichomes, but I from what I can tell some don’t. And this is on the same sugar leaf.

The underside of the leaves are even coated.

It’s not all over, I noticed it mostly on some of the lower buds and none on any fan leaves unless they were close to the sugar leaves.

I think I have decent air circulation and thought I was being overly cautious when it comes to keeping the humidity low. I’m keeping the humidity 50% or lower and temps don’t swing more than 10F from day/night averaging around 75F.

I have 3 S6 Oscillating clip fans and a Vornado in a 4x4. One S6 is at the bottom blowing up and the Vornado is on the floor blowing up. The other two S6 are around canopy level. I have two passive air intake vents open with a dehumidifier outside of one. I have ducting going out one of the bottom ports with the other end sitting on top of a winix Hepa air purifier that brings air into the tent. My exhaust fan vents to the outside and is always on level 10 at this point.

I’ve sprayed Crop Defender 3 twice in the last month at a preventive dosage.

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Looks like yummy, frosty trichomes to me.


This is WPM for reference


Happy Cannaversay @Bonjoyle, another lap around the glowing orb with your friends.


I hope you’re right and it’s just my 1st grow paranoia as usual.


Happy Cannaversary Brother :love_you_gesture:


You are doing fine…Well on your way to a dynamite first harvest. :man_mage:

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Looks amazing!!! Well done!

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I’ve been meaning to let you know that you were right about not having to add any calmag to my solution since I’m using a coco specific line of nutrients.

AN clarified it through an email. But what I found interesting is when I asked about their recommended dosage having a 2.5 EC for 5 gallons of RO water solution. They told me to not worry about EC/PPM and that it’s not a good metric to go by with their nutrients.

As soon as I tried full doses, nutburn.

It just seems like a waste of a expensive product that your plants won’t even be able to consume by the next time you have to feed to prevent salt build up in coco, especially at that high of an EC. They’ll just get washed out in runoff and wasted.

I do have a friend though who does follow their feeding charts with full strength dosages and only feeds once a day with well water and he doesn’t complain about anything.

Anyway here is that email.

Thank you for your email.

The base nutrients will contain enough cal/mag for your grow’s purposes, however, if you are growing in coco with the non coco specific base nutrients some growers choose to supplement with additional Sensi Cal/Mag Xtra at a rate of 2mL/L of water throughout the grow to help compensate for coco coir’s high cation exchange properties as a growing medium.

Please note in regards to PPM / EC measurements: When using our pH perfect line of nutrients there tend to be many other components besides dissolved fertilizer in the water. (eg. pH buffers, humic and fulvic acid, amino acids etc…)

Because of this an electrical conductivity (EC, TDS, PPM) reading can be difficult for the grower to properly ascertain and should not be relied upon as a measuring metric.