WPM late in flower?

Hello all.
I checked in my flowering closet and noticed these three particular leaves had some type of blotches on them. To me it does not look very powdery, perhaps maybe from me grabbing it at some point? Any insight would be great.

Not WPM but could be the beginnings of bud rot. How about an overall picture of the plant in white light along with temp/Rh particulars.

Showing signs of N toxicity.

@Myfriendis410 , I don’t have exact data but Yemps go from 75-80 and RH dosent sit too high as we’re in a low humidity area and I haven’t done anything to increase RH. I would say it sits between 20-30%. It’s just in my closet so it doesn’t get much air circulation besides when I have the door open for a while. I’ll probably end up grabbing a fan for it. I haven’t really messed with the set up since I had no problems up until now with it. Just running the light. Here’s a pic of the plant also I have been giving it just water to get it ready for harvest. I know there’s some dead leaves in it, I pick them off when there ready on there own.
PS there is no strange smell coming from it. The red arrow is pointing to the one with the blotches.

I’ll try and get better pics if needed

I agree with 410. Deff not wpm but it looks like your starting to get mold from there not being any air flow. Regardless if its low humidity the buds need air circulation

Check each budsight over to make sure its not starting anywhere else either. I would cut those spots out myself. But what you do is up to you. I think you could do a peroxide water mix for it but I’m not sure.

I did snip off the blotchy leaves. Underneath of those I can see bright green (which is good?) doesn’t look like it’s spread anywhere besides those three spots on the sugar leaves. I have the door open with a oscillation tower fan blowing now. I’ll have to get something more suited for the small space.
Will this plant still be okay to harvest?

If it starts to spread would I just apply the mix to the site directly by spraying? After talking it over it does seem to be from the lack of air circulation. Should I let the soil dry out a bit more before watering again? I’m hoping I caught it in time before it takes over. :disappointed:

It wouldnt happen to be where you might have squeezed a bud to check its density or anything would it? Only ask cuz I have that in two spots I did that

Yeah I have given it a squeeze a couple of times. That was my initial thought as well. I can’t help myself lol. I’m keeping an eye out and will refrain from touching. Hope all goes well. About two weeks or so from the chop.

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I know the feeling lol. I would guess that’s what’s goin on, looks exactly like mine. Guess my skin oil or maybe dirty finger is the cause or maybe ruptured trics idk

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