Would a 400w hps be to much for a 2x3x4 tent

Hi I have a question. Would a 400w hps be to much for a 2ftx3ftx4 tent my main worry is heat as it can produce a good bit of heat . If I can use my hps in this tent I’m going to pick put a viparspectra 300w led for it I know it’s not the greatest but what’s in my budget

I am just curious about the height. The light would need to be far enough away from the top of the plants so they didn’t get burned; that and you would have to be able to cool it too.

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Yea that was one of my worries as well but it’s the tent I have it was actually a gift I would have got a larger one if I brought it myself . I was just wondering about using my hps I already have but I think it just to much light for such a small space I’ll probably just end up picking up a viparspectra 300w led to go in it for the time being

You could always use that gift tent as your drying tent and get another one for growing. Just a thought.

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Thats what I will most likely do later on for right now I’m trying to use the tent I have now to get started . To make it a budget friendly grow later on I plan to upgrade tents and will use this one for a veg tent

Yeah I hear ya. I got a 2x4x5 and although it’s good I feel I should have gotten one that was 7 feet tall. Don’t want to spend the money to get that one yet so the 5 foot one I got is what I’m gonna use until then. I’m using a single 450 VIPARSPECTRA and it is working just fine in my tent for now.

How do you like that viparspectra 450 . Have you gotten a harvest off that light if so what kind of yield did you get if you don’t mind Me asking .

This is my first grow. I’m 5 weeks into two from sprout and 2 1/2 weeks into third. I’ll tell you though that I had the two older plants outside for 2 weeks before I got the tent and they barely grew. Once under this LED they really started taking off. These are all bag seeds though so the results I’m witnessing could be coincide.

This is how I have the tent set up right now. I’m planning on getting another 450 before these go into flower.

I think the 400 will be a handful in that size tent. You could go with a 315 lec, or maybe a 250 mh/hps. Depending on the hood, you’ll be giving up 6-12" of height just with it being there. I would imagine canopy temps would create a whole different issue as well.

One thing to keep in mind, the viparspectra 300w is only a little over 100 watt light and has a smallish footprint. So you would be on the weaker end of coverage with that. Obviously, you need to find a solution within your budget. But you’re kind of going from one extreme to the other choosing between the two.

With that small a vertical tent you are going to have to SCROG or LST the heck out of whatever strain you grow. Say a foot for pots and a foot for LED to plant distance and you only have 2 feet left for your plants!

Never too much! You can always raise it to reduce the intensity, but you get very little heat from LED’s

Thanks everyone I have viparspectra on the way . I know their not be the best but I’ve heard good things about them . I tried the hps in there but it’s just way to much heat temps climbed into the 100’s within an a few hours of it running

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@Tylan do you have a journal going for your grow if so I’d like to follow along

@Hoss29 I’ll tag you in over there :slight_smile:

That’s the accepted wisdom, anyway, mostly because tiny little LEDs give of a tiny bit of heat. But when you have a lot of them, and drive them hard, the truth is something else. By my calculations the best LEDs give off about 65% of the wall power in heat. So if you have a real power draw of 300 watts, you have to deal with 192 watts of heat. If the manufacturer has simple resister-based current limiting, then those resistors ALSO give off heat.

Fortunately, most manufacturers with “1000 watt” LEDs only draw 300 watts from the wall. (Which of course makes them 300 watt LEDs at best.) So depending on your manufacturer’s puffery you will not get much heat, since you don’t have much light either.

I’ll just say that I have the MarsHydro 300w, and I think it is ok for one plant, but I see 3 in the pic, and it might be a stretch.

I think “the best led’s” can be over 60% and even pushing 70% efficient when driven softly. You’re definitely not getting that in a $100 led fixture though.

Yea i understand that I really wish I could use my 400w hps but tent is just to small and heat is an issue . I think I’m going to grab larger duct fan maybe a 6 inch 240cfm and see if it makes any difference