Wormy squirmy for icky sticky

I was wondering if anyone has ever used live worms added directly to their medium?
I did with about 5 worms in one pot and had no detrimental effect.
Gonna keep experimenting until someone tells me stop.hehe


There were some live soil growers in here somewhere. I’ve often read of people putting worms in there. I see nothing harmful, the worms will do their thing to keep your soil healthy.
Happy growing. :seedling:
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I’ve seen threads recently where people do this. The recent post was from an organic grower.


Worms are good for your soil


Just don’t use gummy worms, if you do the cola flavor works best…

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My friend, you want to start listening to the Growing With Fishes podcast. I believe most of not all aquaponic systems rely on worms in the media beds.

Outside of an aquaponic system, as it was already mentioned, worms will aerate your root zone and turn dead material into worm castings. You may need to provide them with more food though.

Yes I am getting a lot of feedback on this. Super. Maximize e my soil

I’ve got miracle grow soil, sand and vermiculite- what now?

Throw away the miracle grow soil…

Sorry, some people grow decent weed in it, but most have issues. For an off the shelf, I would choose Fo Farms Ocean Forest. Plant seedlings in Fox Farms Happy Frog.


Just in time. Guess I’m just showing my lazy ass- the miracle grow was handy on the back porch. It’s gone- thanks much.

I put worms directly in my soil. Never did it before but im trying it too bro! Lol

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