Wondering if they look like they are supposed to at 5 weeks?


Yes they look awesome!

And welcome to ILGM :grin:

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Welcome ILGM FORUM. Your girls look great

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Thanks much
. First indoor grow in 35 years without a hydroponic system. One is Turbo Diesel and the other is a White Widow.


Your welcome your doing great!

giphy (1)


Thanks to all! This is an awesome site!


Glad you joined and we all are here to help each other out and have a great time! Loving your handle too lol. If you ever need to reach out to someone for help you can just @Dbpooper and it will tag them into your thread! Your plants look great by the way congrats :metal::metal:


Thank you. I appreciate that. And I’m glad you got the handle, some don’t. :wink:

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They look nice welcome :metal:

looking great buddy… welcome :grin:

Looking good and welcome!

Thanks everyone for the warm welcome.

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Looking good and welcome to the forum. I would change anything your doing right now.

Your plants look great, keep doing what you are doing.

Welcome to our community of growers and really nice people.

Looking good from here! Enjoy the addiction, you will get fat here :thinking::grin:

Looks good! Nice job.

Nice work! Welcome to IlGM :v:

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Welcome bro you’re in good hands here. Should start a journal or maybe next grow. Fun stuff.

Thought I’d send an updated pic at weeks into flower. First pic is WW at 2.5 weeks of flower, and the TD at 3 weeks or so into flower.