Wind burn from fan failure

Just a warning about something you may not consider. Probably best to spend a little extra on quality fans. My oscillating fan quit oscillating sometimes in the dark cycle, and blew steady directly on my “runt”. Was about a month in flower, and just starting to pack on weight.

Pics don’t quite show extent of damage. Even the trunk is badly burnt. Could probably save half of the plant, but think the recovery would take too long for the amount of product. Given my grow space is at such a premium. May set her out in the sun and see what happens.

I have a fan recommendation. I spent the money a year or so ago and bought the Comdfort Aire line at Sears. Best fans I ever have used. I usually have to replace cheaper fans once a year. The Sears fan has lasted and works great… FFR:

Sorry about your plant. :slight_smile:


Think I should try and save plant, or hang it? Some tricomes were starting to turn milky night before fan attacked. Was really starting to fatten up, but I think this late May not recover fast enough to make much weight.

I would suggest watching it for 2-3 days and see what happens. Hate to see you harvest early. The damage has been done and it should not get worse IMO.

Let me know what you choose to do. At least it looks like some fat nugs. :slight_smile:

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