Will these strains grow well outdoors in central alabama?

Are super lemon haze and chocolope, femenized, good start for a beginner. I’ve always had a garden, typical corn, peas, okra, etc. But dont really know if these would be good choice?


Chocolope I believe is originated from thai sticks so sounds fine to me and hazes have a great amount of Mexican and columbian sativa in it so also pretty great , overall you’ll be pretty safe just keep an eyes on them( I’ve never really understood the difference between beginner strains and harder to grow ones except that naturally citrusy terped pots repel nasty critters)


For a outside grow I like to pay attention to the Breeders guide what climate it recommends best for plant, When choosing seeds. Happy growing !

I’m central Bama, PH an Chocolope have done very well for me, I’ve got some super lemon haze that I was gonna try this summer