Will one night of 13 hours trigger?

Hi all! I realized that my lights were off for a full 13 hours last night and I have two photos vegging at about 3 weeks right now. Should I keep a close eye on them after just one night?

As long as you correct the light issue, you should be ok. Might go through a little shock, but should be fine.

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Thanks. The light issue was me turning them off for a quick photo and forgetting to turn em back on. :roll_eyes:

Here’s the photo! :joy:

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Ok, I see two different grows happening. How the heck you running lights? Ones in the back are coming along nicely, but a different light schedule than for the veggies.

Maybe he meant autos instead of photos, in which case he could still run veg schedule on flowering since autos dont transition based of light schedule. But idk im no expert.

Sorry I should have clarified. The two in the back are autos and I’ve kept them on 18/6. The veggies are photos

I agree!

Ok, then don’t partake when takin’ pics. Lol! You should be fine.

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These were off for like 15 hrs lol you’ll be otay unless it’s Zkittles :man_facepalming:

Never hurt these any but every strains different
1st pic Ak-47Ax Kush second one is Gorilla Glue #4 all photos

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