Will my grow closet work? Lighting

Hello everyone.
I’m hoping I haven’t wasted my time and money. I have 4 LED “Full spectrum” Grow lights. I know I probably need more power. But given my time, space, and money, this is all I could pull off.
2ea 16w 3500k (100w equivalent)
2ea 3w 3300k (60w equivalent)
The Temp, RH, and ventilation are perfect in the closet. Obviously my biggest concern is power. They are growing these seedlings nicely. Had to bring them in from the Lone Star Sun. You can see the heat stress in the burnt up Cotyledons and first fan leaves. But since they went into the closet the new fan leaf growth is vibrant green.
Are these light only good for seedling?
Will they support Veg?
Will they support Flower?
Thanks guys for all your help. Great place for advice!!

Ugh…This was supposed to be in the “Lighting” Category…no idea why it’s went in Successful beginning…Sorry
Oh and the little round leaf sprout is a Lemon Tree

That’s it in lighting now :sunglasses:. Those lights will be ok for seedlings but nowhere near what you will need as your grow progresses. Looks like you have nutrient issues there as well. Looks like nute burn on the lower leaves and on some of tips as well. Do you know your PPM and PH

Hey Davyg! Thank you sir for moving it!
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But I do apologize, not trying to blow up the site.
No sir, I do not/have not used any Nutrients.
Soil PH is 6.8.
Only feed them water. No yellowing on the new growth at all. Temps outside have been well close to 100F. I could only assume it was heat stress.
Well crap, now I have a $100 sprout room yayyy

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New growth does look good :heart_eyes:. This is a really cool site as well. I love it here, peeps are really decent :sunglasses:

This is my Momma.
From info provided by people here she’s got anywhere from 4-6 weeks left.
So maybe week 3 or 4 of flower.
Whatchu think?


Looks about right. She looks amazing. I have a few that are approaching that phase and it is so hard to keep your hands off

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Thanks! First female too!
Yes…I look at her all day, for inspection and just general curiosity!
And yeah I just wanna grab those little buds and bowl em up! Had some liquid sap seeping yesterday, had a little taste…felt like I could taste the THC lol

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Will do thanks man!

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