Will an hour extra of dark f my plants up in anyway?

Back to 12 12 but had a power cut so they had 13 hours dark is this hookay?


Will be fine… Just prey to not happen again :wink:

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Why will it be bad if it’s an extra bit of dark? Give me the science if you know it please bro

I don’t know the science but what know is this… If them are feminized seed and not auto strain you risk to end whit hermaphrodite plants or them can re-enter in veg (if them are in flower stage)

I think it’s the consistency he is referring to. But I think you are right also, in the wild there are cloudy days where the plants would get less light I would assume


When I put mine in flour I go to 12/12 and then I switch over to 11 on 13 off about 6-7 weeks inv you’ll be fine


an extra hour of dark is OK your plants will be fine it is the dark cycle that is the most important not to disturb they need their full 12 hours of sleep✌️


Will be fine.
I actualy reduced my off time down to 13 the last few weeks to try and help it finish up a little quicker.


After I posted here I looked at my plants an I find this (round yellow things, and a seed) in my clone!

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I’ve got brown hsirs… overnight it seems, on half the plants, look fine besides possible deficiencies in the leaves, I’m almost in week 5 since 12 12 so about 4 5 weeks to go. Is this… nornal?

You reassuring lovely bastards you. Thanks for the quick responses y’all

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this thread was perfect I was going to ask if it would help my plants finish a little faster if I switched my light cycle to 11 on 13 off. my plants are 7 weeks into flower. I just switched it 13 hours of sleep thank you hogmaster and jmesser80. I had a power outage 2nd week into flower. I got help from a few great people on here that’s how I knew about the light cycle. thank you mclovin777