Wild animals in their natural habitat

a photo of the latest addition to our family, a mixed breed shelter adoption, part schnauzer part petite blah blah something…supposed to max out at 20-25 pounds

they are a girl, Dory and a boy, Hunky


Ah, Chinese barbecue at @kabongster’s house! I’ll bring the beer, lol.


That is awful…Lolz!

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Oh no…not my babies…not puppy pu pu platters…

speaking of pu…:poop:…pee yew!

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Oh shooot. Cutie pies lol

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My girl decided she’d live outside so she could patrol her territory. Fine by me after she peed inside last time. Looked like a half gallon of pee. When it snows I have to tackle her and carry her in. She hates being stuck inside

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This is a pic I took of a bobcat in my backyard last week. Wasn’t a bit afraid of us, was stalking a groundhog in my brush pile


Nice looking cat and larger than what I’m used to seeing around here. Nice Pic…

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Felinicus runticus


It was huge by my idea of how big they usually get. It was probably the size of a labrador. I’ve only ever seen four in wild before, but they were all about cocker spaniel size.


my neighbor down the street has a mountain lion, an African lion, two macaque monkees, and a black bear…all as pets…pays a local girl to come by every day to feed them and such…I hear that African lion roar every evening… found out about them about two months after I bought this place,…turned to the ol’lady, “we need a bigger rifle”…had one three days later. fortunate there is 600 acres of cows between them and my horses so the risk is pretty low…but it is still a bit creepy when the dogs are going nutz and you have to walk out there in the dark and fog to see what the !@#$,…and the dog stays behind you, lol.


Dude WTF!!! A LION!
I’m all about a reason to get another gun. But it’s really really bad when the dog hides behind you. But a lion, my wife would be out at first roar. O god I can see her now flipping out.

I know I have some type of black panther what ever around here but Damm homie.
May your hands be steedy and your aim true.
Good luck.

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holy shit! they’re super adorable. The one on the left looks like a B&W version of my lil buddy. All ears! He’s a 40 pounder though.

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He’s a she, Dory, and she has what my grandson and I call a “Tongue of Fury”…she will lick your face hundreds of times if allowed, a habit that is getting old, at this point, lol…