Wierd Autoflower - Possible seed calyx

Started 4 seeds - Auto Lemon Haze, there was one dud. Put in 3 gal cloth bags with FF Ocean under an SF2000 Spider, 2x4 tent. Now after 7 weeks, I think this one is either a male or hermaphrodite:

The other 2 are at this stage:

Oh yeah, the light schedule is 18/6, thinking of moving to 24/0.

Can you get us a close-up pic of the part that makes you think you have a hermie? She looks female to me.

Your plants have functions that only happen at night. Humans are the same way, see how the world looks after 80, 90 hours without sleep…
Youll be better in the pocket and your plant will be better in the bud for it. Auto’s are awesome at 18/6 until the last two weeks of flower, drop to 16/8.
Welcome back to the boards, good looking plants.

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Cannabis is a C3 plant that does not require a dark period to complete its needed biological processes.

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You would be the first person to say that in a year here. I dont like arguing with you @MidwestGuy so I guess we will just disagree.

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Here’s a couple of posts from a respected member that says the same. There is plenty of research out there on the topic.

I don’t consider it an argument - just trying to keep accurate info here.


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Some plants indeed, not cannabis other than to flower photoperiod varieties. I have vegged plants on continuous light for as long as 12 weeks on multiple occasions. Zero issues doing this.

Of course there is very little reason for most to run cannabis on 24 light too. But it will definitely do everything it needs to without dark period.

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I appreciate all the replies. I moved this plant out of the grow tent because it is not flowering the same way as the other 2 (ie lagging). It is the middle plant in the tent. Starting to wonder if that position gets less intensity. Here’s a closeup:

Sorry to have hijacked your thread with a debate. Your plant looks great.

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Wow!!! Looking good to me do you water everyday or whenever the pots feel light? And when do you add nutes?

They are pretty healthy. Water with nutes about every 3rd day Have a fan on the grow tent lower panel.
Use FF nutes about twice per week according to their soil schedule.

Ok, will do. Thanks!

Just to be clear, I only use the FF Big Bloom, Grow Big and Tiger Bloom.
Also use Spray N Grow every other week.

Very good thanks ive been looking at different nutes

OK, this plant has finally started to flower, only about 10 days later than her sisters.
Very strange…