Why pisitils are turning orange after week 4

i just have a question i im not sure the nutes my buddy is using but hes got quantum boards for lighting happy frog soil but he is in week four has little budlets but all the pistils on that one plant have pretty much turned orange like its has completely matured in four weeks and there is nothing there for buds im at a loss i have no idea what could be causeing it or what to tell him any ideas would be much appreciated

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It would help to know if it is a photoperiod or autoflower and what strain is it?

im trying to get him to send me a pic but hes not answering but its photoperiod not autoflower
and its gorilla glue

i told him to leave it and see what happens but ive just never seen anything like that at week four

i mean it looks like it could be harvested i even the tricomes on it are milky

its his first grow and i was included much on it until now and it baffles me becuase its got tiny little budlets the pistels are all folded over like its done and arent sticking straight up and white like the rest

i wasnt included

i dont even know why im trying to help him cause hes an asshole but im intrested too in hearing your opions

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there are no signs of disease on the leaves or anywhere on the plant its nice and lush green no nute burn im pretty sure hes using a/n nutes which are ph balanced so that would explain alot of that but ive never seen this in my 4 years of growing

it looks like this accect that the size of his top colas only smaller

I am laughing because I am an empath and my cannabis girls feel my energy. If an asshole were to grow cannabis she might well finish early and say ‘done with ya!’. Tell your friend he may well have got a strain called A Hole. It also appears to have a nanner there on the side. So I would guess a true hermie and ‘they’ are well on their way to fertilizing the whole crop.


hahahaha i told him about the nanner but he said i was full of shit and didnt know what i was talking about oh well i made twenty bucks for walking down the street and i totally agree they feel out energy thats why if im in a bad mood i dont even visit my girls he was like i could get 200 a zip easy for this i told him hes not gonna even come close to a zip


im big into that i think everyone and everything can feel the energy we put out


i believe the vibes we put off effect everything and same with your eyes. the eyes are a window to your soul or how ever that quote goes


Eye agree.


like what you did there did you know that when we are doing a simple task that doesnt require much thought our pupils constrict and when we have to do a complicated task they dilate becuase of the added stress on the brain this is one of the reasons we really cant multitask you may think you are but its really only doing one task at a time


Very true and a magic mushroom trip was life changing and evidentiary to affirming all of this.

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absolutely it opens up your whole mind for use to an extent


We are walking batteries. Think Matrix the movie.
Powered by the little critters inside us that make up 75% of what we are.
Think Avatar the movie that is how earth works…when in balance things are in a symbiotic relationship naturally regulated.
That’s why I strive to keep my soil a living soil using natural nutrients instead of critter killing chemical nutrients.
Ok longer than I wanted to post but didn’t want to erase haha

Keep feeding your cannabinoid system folks