Why is it not growing!

Im worried about how slow my first plant is growing. I have 2 plants, one is lemonade, which is growing fine it’s about 25cm at 1month and one week. The other was planted at the same time but is far smaller. It’s Called the increadible bulk, it’s only 9cm high and it grows very slowly, I was doing a 12-12 light cycle as I wanted them to flower quicker but I got paranoid that they weren’t guetting enough light so I have been gradually adding 30mins every day so they receive more light. Is this wrong? How do I get this little sucker to grow faster? The heat is 23.5 and humidity %45 as I don’t know how to increase the humidity!

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That is way to early to flower and they will stop getting taller while the roots are growing and then you will have some growth spurts. But right now its barley a plant just getting out of the seedling stage. Unless you’re goal is a quarter oz I have not had good luck with flowering that small i wait till my stalk is as big as a pencil at least on a small scale grow. But now I wait for maturity with the white hairs show the pistols in the cylax show im sorry if im saying that wrong but y can check out the blog on here for more information on this

Plants won’t flower until they’re sexually mature anyway, so putting them into 12/12 prior to that doesn’t help. Depending on your light intensity they may not have been getting enough light on the short schedule which could’ve slowed root development too.


Pot looks wet too, Could be some damping off.

A plastic 2 liter soda bottle cut down will raise the humidity just fine.