Why did this amnesia plant grow tall and skinny?

Hello again everyone, I was just wondering why this amnesia plant is real tall and skinny when the other is short and bushy.

They were sprouted at the same time, given the same food. Maybe it’s a Hermie or male but it doesn’t look like it to me.


Sativa and lacking lighting intensity Growmie, even the shorter one has a good amount of internodal spacing :love_you_gesture:


Thanks I have plenty of light in my other tent, just moved the 2 tall ones out yesterday, need to find more light for them

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Ozympic that’s why LOL :joy:
Like the above person said light. I’m actually growing amnesia Haze autoflowers right now one of them spouted 22 inches and 11 days. I got two in the same tent feeding the same way with the same light temp everything in the same tent. One looks like it’s reaching for the Stars the other one looks okay. Is the pic the middle is blueberry I love my blueberry :blueberries:

blueberry is the greatest

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