Who smokes weed and doesn't drink

I drink this stuff ^^^^

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You and a million others, just my opinion. After I came back there was a tavern near me that had beer from all over the world. They had the same beer that I drank in Austria but when they import it they carbonate it here. Don’t know why. The beer over there isn’t and you don’t have to go to the bathroom every few beers. And it tastes way better than anything I ever drank here. If I lived there I would never had quit. Maybe with all the different kinds they have here now it would be a different story. But I don’t miss drinking alcohol, don’t like the hangovers. Last time I drank beer here I paid $3.25 for a case of bud so it’s been awhile.


Never been much of a drinker. I went to school in the early 80’s and I was always dubbed the “Druggie” due to the fact I would rather smoke a doob and watch all my friends get drunk and laff my ass off at them. I was also the guy since I wasn’t falling down drunk that took care and made sure everyone got home safe. Pops was full blown alchy and actually died by getting hit by a drunk driver. Sounds like an Alannis Morrisette song. Isn’t it Ironic?? When I do drink it is only cuz me and the wife have friends over and then it is only an MGD or 2 and/or a Margarita.


Ok, I suppose I’ll take a margarita now since you brought it up


A year ago, i joined this canoe club, had a modelo or corona, a drink of crown, a jigger of Hornitos tequila in my coffee. After first harvest early dec, noticed we rarely drink anymore, maybe spring, garden, projects and such.

     I have large fridge that keeps 3 cold cases all the time.  Wife said my friends appreciate me not drinking all their beer.  Not one of them smokes that we know .

Wife smokes more than I, and I drink more than she does but it is a win win, I grow and make booze so we self reliant here on the relaxing front ying and yang thing.


Drinking is a waste on me my body processes alcohol and drugs faster than most folks. I just smoke for chronic pain and mental health
I wake up in surgery my fusion surgery. @Oldguy @Low @Hashtonbutcher @Apot420 @Borderryan22


I’m smoke 1-2 small joints a day and 3 beers a night, only 3-4grams a weeks


I’ve recently stopped drinking. Was heavily drinking daily for around 20 years. Can’t remember when I stopped maybe 8 weeks ago, have been using flower and concentrates daily since.


I have a new strain im growing its called Moby dick/ Blue balls and it hits nicely. Moby dick comes in loses up tense muscle pain and mind begans to wander then the Blue balls kick in and i cant move out of my electric lift chair. Thank GOD it lifts me up than I hobble off to bed
This weed is good shit man.

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Never heard of blue balls strain but I have tried Moby in auto form. Nice taste to it might have to check out the md/bb.

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I used to love drinking, but as I got older (63) the morning after anxiety pretty much made me slow way down to nearly nothing. So pretty much THC for me now, but I do drink every now and then in a social setting. I do know that in my life nearly every stupid decision was under alcohol. I don’t miss not remembering what happened the night before.


Its a hybrid moby dick blue balls.

A friend gave me the seeds.


I do love a good drink, have nice selection. Since growing our own, i have not finished a single bottle. Hornitos will be finished as cold weather arrives, i like a jigger of tequilla in my coffee. Or used to. Time will tell

Edit, also might have to do with care packages from Sugar Boo. Never got buzzed off of brownies in the 80s or edibles said to have come from dispo.

His baking will make you think you are ODing if not done in moderation.


Sounds like a mouthfull. :rofl:

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Wow! I’ve said this many times……mostly to myself.

I’m 64 and now only a very occasional glass of wine. My wife more than makes up for my lack of drinking.

I’m haunted by the stupid things I have done (and said) under the influence. Wish I could forget them.

I’m much more in control with weed.


If I’m smoking, half the time I’m to lazy to do the stupid stuff I’d do when drunk :rofl:

Definitely more “in control” when baked vs drunk.



Not a single drop of alcohol in 35 years :clinking_glasses:


Congrats. That’s a long, long time.

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No tell’n how much damage I’ve done to myself. As a teen I would drink a liter of Jack a day and usually switch to beer for buzz maintenance around 9 or 10 pm. For decades I could drink 12 tall boys and not get drunk.

I always assumed I was an alcoholic, but 3 different times I quit drinking for over a year and I’ve never had any withdraws so… who knows.

Back then, while working, I couldn’t smoke, I fell into a career by accident that was fantastic, I wasn’t about to risk it. Now that I’m retired I smoke and don’t drink. My life is SOOOoooo much better. If we go to a gathering or event of some kind, I still love me some dark, rich beers, and will have a few. But the days of alcohol every day are long gone.

Now I just need to cut back on caffeine drink’n way to much coffee.