White widow looks normal?

A question from a fellow grower:

I purchased feminized autoflowering White Willow seeds last November. My plants (3) are now in their 8th week . My question is - do they look normal? Should they be ‘flowering’
They are growing in 9 gallon pots - good dirt, compost, horse manure (weathered) and IMO (indiginous micro-organisims). Water is pump cycled through the pots (10 mins) and gravity returned to a reservoir (20 gallon) 4 times a day. The reservoir is ‘bubbled’. Each plant has a 240W red and blue LED with 16 hr / day light. They are about 20" tall. Fish emulsion was added to solution early in grow. Last week for second time I flushed the reservoir and added an organic product of high Phosphorus and Potassium and continued a light add of fish emulsion. Also light cycle was reduced to 12/12.
I have seen no ‘hairs’ yet - are these plants where they should be at 8 weeks? Also, they are about 20" tall and growing yet.
One pic is attached, others will follow this send.
Any advice / suggestions you have would be very appreciated -
Thank you.

they look very healthy so your change in light is probly best answer if you are ready and want them to flower keep in mind they will stretch and can double or quadruple in size during flower hairs preflowers will start to show after 2 weeks under 12/12 depending on maturity and strain they rarely appear in veg.