White Widow, Black, and chronic widow

I had a great harvest this year, I have never seen so many buds on my widow branches. This year was the first time I got so many big top buds. Did get some bud rot, because of the closeness of the buds. I was amazed on the growth of my girls. One thing I learned, was use good fertilizer, and never use Mircle grow. I have used miracle grow, before when running out of other fertilizer. I think, it grows more leaves than buds. I start the babies with Stonington Blend Coast of Maine fertilizer, in the tent. Then I went to Bergmans’s fertilizer, when I moved them outside. I bought two sets, it didn’t go through all the vegetation growth, but great fertilizer, for the rest of the vegetation, I used the fox farm, and when in bloom, I used fox farm Big Bloom. The plants were perfect, I did have 2 I had to quarantined, it had it had leaf borers, Ended up with 4 pounds. Oh yeh, I also learned to use a Jewlers loop, Hygrometers, and boveda packets, and how to cure my girls Thank you cannabis friends for all your help and support. This winter we are going back to Jamica for 2 months, they have good ganja but not as good as what I grow. :sunglasses:


Congrats on your harvest

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Thank you :sunglasses: