White Widow auto planted 9-2-2021, add nutrients now?

Been planted since 9-2-2021 in fox farm ocean forest soil, add nutrients now seeing as it’s 10-1-2021?


Yah i would say its time for nutrients as the nutrients in the ffof will be almost all used up

I add it to the water , correct? I have three kinds. A gallon jug ok?


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Satch it looks like you’ve got a couple threads going…

It’ll be easier for you if you keep all your things in one place. Way more simple to find answers to the questions you’ve asked and help you’ve gotten.

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I’m paranoid. I bought seeds off a buddy at work , purple kush, probably about 6 seeds , germinated them all and killed them with “plant food” after they had sprouted. SO. I want my investment to live, plus it’s a personal challenge to me while I’m trapped at home on short term disability. I have the two plants growly nicely using 18/6 cycle and keeping temps steady and not overwatering. I’ve invested in a PH meter and other goodies, so my next step was to make sure to add the correct amount of nutrients etc. I’m going to be buying some new gear coming up and also wanted to make sure to get “decent” stuff so it will work out for me . I don’t want to get a overpowered light and burn the lil suckers up so I asked about a light that would work well in a 36” x 20” x 62” grow tent, so far everyone has told me to invest in “very good” Light. HLG? Spider Farmer? Vivo sun? Hydro Mars? I was told also to stick to about 240w? If I can afford the light I’ll pull the trigger, BUT I still have bills to pay etc etc. SO I ask, can’t hurt. Don’t use LED? Hell I don’t have a clue. I’m up to about 378 with all the bells and whistles minus the light I picked and thought was good, but was told to stay away from that brand. The best advice has to be on here where I bought my seeds. I just want to succeed.


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Sucked u will. Ok so what nutrients do u have right now to use we will get u going. Mixing nutes might have to be done in a certain order this is why I ask what nutes u have to use. Ffof usually takes u thru 4 to 6 weeks from planting. If u have a pH and ppm meter I’d do a calmag watering PhD and let it get some runoff. Let some runoff drip off the bag then use a shallow bowl and collect enough that u can get a reading from and see what the numbers are this will tell if they need the food now or later still.


You dont want to feed that soil till ppms drop to 800/1000. Also make sure of your Ph going in and out.

This is what I was going to say☝️.
Check your ppm

I have three types of nutrients Fox Farm Grow Big and Big Bloom , and Tiger Bloom { Buds & Blooms 2-8-4 ) I put 10ml in a gallon jug of Grow Big and only put 1 cup on each plant. I have checked and they seem fine.
So far that’s all I have done in one day.


Since you’re in FFOF, start at half strength with whatever you have according to the FF feeding schedule. If they do well, bump up to ¾ strength next feed. Then go full after that. And be sure to use calmag at least every other watering, between feedings. Also, it’s advised to flush somewhat close to the schedule as salt deposits buildup. Happy growing!!!

Sick handle by the way!

Ok you’ll have to use english and not different lingo . I understand the feeding part. What’s Calmag? And Flush, no clue. I just know germinate, plant, water, sprout, water regulate temp and humidity, and or check PH for 6.5. Cool, I have been a fan of Joe many many years. I’ve seen him live probably 3-5 times in Ga. The fox was the best. I saw him with a very young KWS too. G3 tour. I am really waiting for King’s X new CD, it’s been ten years almost 11.

I’ll keep reading and taking it up like a sponge.