White pistils on an old girl?

. OK ya’ll… This girl is bag seed and was perfectly healthy throughout the grow. She’s in coco… GH nutes. The thing is … She’s 16 weeks old Jan. 1st. She’s still loaded with white hairs and shows no sign of turning amber . Just poor genes ???


Hmm, 16 weeks is a long time. Lol, Have you looked at the trichomes through a magnifier? She might be ready despite the white pistols.

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How long has she been in flower??

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I’ve got mostly smokie with about 5% amber.

10 weeks in flower.

Then she’s ready, baby! If it were me, I’d harvest her. You don’t want too much amber and mostly smoke is a good sign.

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You said it’s bag seed right? What if it is a pure sativa or something that actually does have a long flower period?

I think a sativa can go up to 6 months in flower.


Hard to say really, as there are many strains out there, and there are a few that take up to 16 weeks to flower completely.

Other than going by the trichomes, you might snip a sample bud off and see for yourself


Yes, i was going to suggest the same thing. Snip a small bud and try out out first. :sunglasses:

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got a pic of the whole plant, to see how she is bulking up…

I must’ve missed something along the way, most people would have a stiffy for that kind of production. That’s not poor genes, it means she’s packing weight.

Although it does look as if it’s foxtailing a little, hard to tell with all the pistils. But just @Bogleg said a lot of sativa strains will flower to 16+ weeks after a two week transition.


Good lord !


This could be Sativa dom which can take 3-4 months to finish flower


Update ,
Snipped a bud… 4 day natural dry.
Funky kinda diesel smell.
A little harsh , ( haven’t flushed yet.)
Good buzz . gonna let her do what she’s gotta do. To a point.


I was going to say let it go a while longer
i think your going to short change yourself if you pull it now @Steveo