White flies....?

I bought some kale at the grocery store it was infested with whiteflies and whitefly eggs just curious if anybody knows anything about these particular bugs some of them flew off but I killed majority of it and got rid of all the eggs doing a vinegar wash on my kale but I’m just concerned that they might get downstairs in to my tent

If they get to your plants, look at the underside parts of the leaves. If they are in your house, they can get to your plants. Spinosad is one of the recommended ways to get rid of them. Hahaha…so will Lady Bugs go after the White Flies but I wouldn’t want to use that as an option.

Well I took out all the kale outside I shook it out then I triple soaked in vinegar baths to kill everything that was on them I have dr. Zymes by plants downstairs so I’ll probably just give them a preventative spraying… I finally recovered from a spider mites and nutrient lockout nitrogen toxicity now their wicked healthy and I’m dealing with this

That truly sucks. Definitely sounds like a tough grow for you. Hopefully it will work out in your favor. :+1:

OMG… got rid of the Nitro tox Cal Mag deficiency my plants are beautiful that finally growing

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