White auto sprouted 2/14 is it time

!I’m not sure if my plant is ready they sprouted on 2/14 if they are not ready how much longer I ask becuase the leaves have start to die off this is a indoor grow white widow.

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Snapshot000005|640x480 Snapshot000007 Snapshot000008

Depending on the type of high I would say about a week away. I’d start your flush ASAP.

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thx one thing you learn early is seed sellers seem to always imply you can harvest at x amount a weeks and from what i’ve been reading it’s always longer …much longer.


Here ya go @daman

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I agree with family man I see lots of Cloudy and a little bit of Amber you should be close. Good luck finishing up.

thx bum i’m flushing now to be safe i’m gonna wait at least a week maybe more if I can the leafs are starting to die off.

Sellers “predictions” on flowering/harvest are like the pirate code in the first…Pirates of the Caribbean…“not really strict rules, more like general guidelines.”
The plants don’t read the “predictions”.

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