Which spikes deliver water down spike?


All I see examples of in Amazon and other places are drip feeders that have a spike that goes through the roots and then the water just comes out the top onto the soil in the top from a quarter inch hose.

Yet I have seen undocumentaries online that there are spikes that you can use that are really easy to clean and have the connection at the top, look just like the spray ones, except the water doesn’t spray at all, it actually goes down via the spike into the root ball.

Is anybody know what these are called? I want to grab some.


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Search for deep drip watering stakes. I think that’s what you’re looking for. The spikes have holes spaced down the length of them so the water comes out in the medium instead of dripping on top of it. I’ve seen them at Lowe’s.


Plain old funnels don’t clog and you could put hols down the funnel.

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There called Blumat watering system

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I bought this to feed my plants while gone 10 days


I use these. Can adjust the flow rate. Can put 1-12 if you want, per plant. The adjustable flow is great because you are able to even the pressure for plants that are a little further down the line. Keeps my coco plenty soaked; no channeling, and pretty even distribution. Came with a $30 automatic drip system that has saved me a ton of work.