Where to get quality seeds in australia

I’ve been trying to find quality seeds in Australia but can’t really find anything, anyone know any good suppliers who worked recently?

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@Aussie_autos can probably help. There are a few other Australians in the forum, but I can’t recall them at the moment.

Is AUD Australia? If so, look at MSNL. I’ve ordered from them before. In the USA. I’ve had good look with their seeds.

I’m new to this website how do a message him?

Yes AUD is the Australian dollar

There’s no feature on the site to contact individuals. I have tagged him, so he will see it when he comes back on the site.

Check them out. They’ve got some good stuff. I don’t know that the prices are all that great, but probably in line with everyone else.

Also @LJ75 might have some sources to add.

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Do you know if they ship to Australia bc their from the us?

I expect they do if they accept AUD for transactions.

Yeah idk the border very strict and they always gets seized so it’s a bit of a sticky one

Some sellers will reship if you show them a seizure letter. You’ll have to check with them.

They’re from the Netherlands, and yes, they do ship to Australia.

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And if you pay extra for stealth shipping, they most likely will not get seized. They shipped mine in the hem of a baby bib. Liked to never found them :slight_smile:


Sticky seeds uk and attitude seeds uk and Mr Beans collectables and etherlogic phenos is a Aussie breeder


Dont go through herbies seeds they will not make in the country but if you order through 420 fast buds they will make it in to the country i just got some seeds from them as im sponsored by Fast buds genetics


Shipped from within australia, discreet and very quick. All that ive ordered have germinated. Mediseed is the name, type in google and will show up


Also no extra fees “stealth packages” as its from within australia🤘 has most strains


Sorry mediseedman is the name haha

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I’ve had no probs with Herbies but it still seems almost impossible to legit get them locally. It gets shipped through Spain, even though the seeds are legal here. Everywhere I look that claims to be local, links to an Amsterdam website. @Aussie_autos I will check that out. :peace_symbol: