Where does the filtered air go?

A question of a fellow grower:
I got a 31x31x71 tent 400w HM & HPS W/ tubed reflection hood and ventailtion ducking, fan and carbon filter. I know the air will help keep heat down, but were dose the filterd air go? Inro my room? Cant be a window i live in central VT. It will be hi 40s in a few weeks. If it is my room im just worried about smell.

3rd fresh air… are we talking fresh air from the little fan blowing over the leaves moving it around, or open tent to get fresh air. Or a duct fan in the lower tent ducts blowing my room air into the tent. Ive read almost everything on your site! I love it, i even bought seeds! But this is my only thing im stuck on. Please any help u can give. Thanks for your time.

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I run my exhaust air out through my fireplace. You have a filter so you won’t have to worry about smell. You’re tent should have a flap at the bottom you want to leave it open and you filter should be on the opposite side of the flap that you open. That way you draw air across your plants this helps with circulation of air. Hope this helps you . Here’s a picture of mine

Normally in summer youd want to get rid of the heat in your case in Vt you can return it back to living space and use the heat generated
Youll want to be able to redirect it tho as it gets warmer fall can be funny warm days cold noght ect

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