Where are these plants in the grow cycle?

I have different plants in terms of size and strain, all are feminized. I did not label each plant by strain nor did I start the plants at the same time. All were started by May and living outdiirs.

My plants appear healthy and show growth almost daily. I have pruned each plant per the ILGM bible. All are potted on my deck in huge planters, think a minimum of three feet in circumference of each planter. So, outside grown in planters. I water regularly, fertilize once a week, and spray (think a gentle shower) the leaves on hot days (above 96 degrees) to make sure nothing cooks in the sun. I have seen a few Japanese Beatles on the larger plants and immediately hung those Beatle Bag things fifteen feet away from the plants. Sometimes the day or two after I fertilize I get one to three yellow leaves at the bottom of the plants. Does not effect the health of the plant. I snip it off and go lighter on the fertilizer the following week.

My question: I have no flowers. We live in Northern Virginia. If I am to harvest mid to late September is this acceptable? Should I cover my plants and force them to flower or let the sun do its thing and relax while the magic happens?

Photos attached for consideration.

Remember, this is my first rodeo. Be gentle.


They are showing signs of maturity. Soon you will see the magic growing. They look great, keep it. Nice topping by the way


Yup. All in preflower. Good work.

Thank you.

If it matters the strains include: Gold Leaf, Pure Indica feminized, Grand Daddy Purple fem, and Bubba Kush feminized.

Very nice. You should be flowering in the next 2-3 weeks at the most.

Yay you!! They look nice👍

I love this site for all kinds of things, but it really comes in handy when planting anything.
I love the little slider bar and as you slide the info at the bottom of the screen changes by date.
The actual daylight hours count is nice.
I just clicked a random spot in the middle of the state, but you can enter any location you want obviously.


@Deez - I’m in Virginia too. First time grower - well, one that wasn’t just a let’s see what happens kind of thing.
If I’m using Fox Farm trio when should I start on the bloom booster?
In my area, by the slider I won’t hit “true” 12/12 until September 20-something!
I was planning on using that date and the FF schedule and counting back the weeks to start - which, maybe I should check the math - that might be soon considering.
I live in Central Virginia about 4hrs south of D.C…

@MumSquared - Looking really nice! I see you had the same trouble with your math I had! LOL!
Nobody needs to go in that extra room either! I don’t care if you think you hear a fan humming! LOL!
Best of luck with your grow!!

I start with bloom ferts as soon as I see signs of flowering. I use FF and I’ll use the Tiger Bloom, Big Bud and the open sesame/beastie Bloomz/chA Ching

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Thanks for the tip Bud! I’ve been checking for pre-flowers during my multiple daily bug checks and had a couple of suspects but alas, no true pistils just yet.
I just have the trio but I’ve seen the other names mentioned a lot. Guess I’m off to Fox Farm to do a little reading and learning.
The probably Amazon to do some spending!

Who am I kidding?
I’m going straight to Amazon! LOL!

Thanks again for the tip man!!

Happy Growing Everyone!!