When will my BC Big Bud be ready to harvest?

Hi all! I’m new here so don’t be mean…lol I need advice on when to Harvest my BC Big Bud.My Northern Lights is already being harvested except 1 I ledt…I went by 90% red hairs and milky trichomes.Hope I was right.

The BC is further behind the NL,In my opinion.I am not seeing red hairs yet but LOTS of milky trichomes…please see pics and thanks for your opinions!!

These girls were germinated indoors in early march,moved outside on May 24th.I live in SW Ont. between lakes Huron and Erie.

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First frost for London Ontario is listed as October 1st - 10th.
I believe that will probably be your deciding factor as the buds themselves look like they could go longer.
Colder temps may speed it up tho. Watch the trichs for cloudy amber colors.
With that much plant you could test a bud and see how its maturing.
Others will chime in soon as well.
And Welcome to the forum :upside_down_face: