When u need a good laugh

Ok, so I was so excited got a new tent YEAH. You can see by pics not a lot of space 4x4x 78 inches. Had to dig out about 4-5 inches of dirt so would fit and try to make it level as possible. But the best part starting putting it together then realized had it turned wrong way, only way to move would be to take all apart. If u can’t laugh at yourself then I’m sorry for u. So know I have to set up and go in from side got pics lol. Have a great day


This my new door lol


Right on Brother, I started out with a Single plant and a cheap 600 watt led in my crawl space and no tent. Happy Growing :love_you_gesture:


You have the right attitude to be very successful, despite having some hurdles. Keep that up!


Attitude the only thing u can control lol but this is how I feel

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Man it has been a very long time since I was in a cellar with an earthen floor.

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