When to switch to superbloom

Hey guys! I’ve got another beginners question… how far into flowering should ladies be before I start a superbloom fertilizer?

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I was using bloombastic ("superbloom":wink:) from week 2 in flower but I was mistaken for that… I think that is for week 4-6(last 2-3 weeks before harvest).

Ok. Thanks for the help.

Just wait for more answers!

@mainah what are the NPK values of the superbloom?
If it is a bloom booster I usualy don’t start using it until they have approximately 5 weeks left.
I switch to a bloom fertilizer 2 weeks or so after switching the light cycle to 12/12 after the stretch is done and then introduce the bloom booster 5 weeks or so after that.

I haven’t chosen a superbloom fertilizer yet, I’m using a veg, 2-4-1 right now. I’ll attach a pic of leaves of the flowering ladies. Prob at point of switching to ‘mid-grade’ fertilizer. What do u suggest?


You should definitely be feed her flower nutes since she is flowering
The bloom booster should tell when to start on label

I also am in my 2nd week of bloom and want to know what nutrients to use and when to start. I planted them in a prefertilized potting soil and they are so healthy. But wasn’t sure if I should add more flower nutrients. @bob31, @Countryboyjvd1971, @Jmesser80, @mainah, '@MedicineMan,

@Tr33, @garrigan62, @SmoknGranny, @MattyBear

Thank you

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What kind of pre-fertilized soil?

Actually this is someone else’s topic. You should be posting this on your own topic or start a new one, please.


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Why do I feel this thread was sponsored indirectly by superbloom? It must be me

@mainah any kind of flowering nutrients will work. Typically you will want something with higher phosphorus and potassium in flowering but will still need a little nitrogen. Being you are still early in flower I typically use a regular bloom fertilizer and add a bloom booster later on in flowering.

What type of nutrients were your Veg nutes? (i.e. Dry, wet)

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You’ll definitely want to add flower nutes @Lindababy
I would follow the directions on package
@Jmesser80 made some good points

Excellent! Thank you so much. @Countryboyjvd1971, and everyone.

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Awesome info. Again thanks guys. The rest of ladies are looking amazing😎

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@Jmesser80 using a liquid fish fertilizer. Neptune harvest.

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Liquid fish is supposed t work pretty well👍 I like organic myself.