When to start new seed, with vege. & flowering set-up

I have to start new seeds soon,but do’nt know the best time to do so. i do’nt want them to small or large, when i move them to the flowering room when it is available. i like to move plants to flowering room at 12" or so. i guess what i’m asking is around how many week does it take a plant to be that size, in the vege. room?

Depends on numerous factors, probably the most important being how the plants get nutrients and the quality and intensity of light. A plant veged under fluorescent light will not grow as fast as a plant growing under the sun or under more intense lights indoors. Also a plant in hydro could possibly grow faster than a plant grown in soil as it can get more nutrients faster for faster growth. Also a plant grown in soil but fed a high concentration of nutrients in the watering schedule will grow faster than a plant grown relying on only the nutrients in the soil alone or are fed a weaker nutrient concentration periodically.

With that said; Strain also has something to do with how fast the plant develops height. I would guess that generally; you could start your seeds 3-4 weeks before you clear out your flower room. However; This is like getting a haircut over the phone. Best advice. Be patient, try what we recommended, and you will learn fast the answer to this question.

Let us know what you decide to d, and the results. Thanks lw