When to start a fan on new grow?

I have a seedling that is 12 days old. Grow tent temp is around 80 degrees and 45 humidity, and this is with a small humidifier in the grow tent. I already have an intake and exhaust fan. When does the seedling need to have a fan blowing on it to give it that light breeze? I am finding that if I turn on the fan, my humidity drops down below 40% My question, do seedlings need the fan or does that start at veg stage?

A steady breeze on any aged cannabis plant will drive a stronger structure. At 80F I would want a higher humidity and would take the trade-off in favor of humidity. There are other things that you can do for structural strength like a silica product or seed sprout tea.


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Be careful using a silica product. It’s easy to overdo it and a little bit goes a long way.

Too much silica can create a rigid structure that is very hard to train since the rigidity can lead to broken stems where you only intended to bend them, and so on. I’ve personally split a lot of nodes trying to train plants that had been given too much silica.

A couple of ml over 1 or 2 waterings does wonders.